It all started with trying to find a fun, comfortable and functional robe that fit and wasn't "one size". Throughout the pandemic, our founder Lucy noticed a huge shift towards comfort in clothing, with leisure wear and loungewear. But more often than not, the products available didn’t cater to a broad enough size range, were too boring in their design (think: white and grey) or the materials were sub-par, bad for the planet and not made ethically. The brands that had fun prints and colours weren't in extended sizes or weren't made to fit all bodies and genders. And the brands that offered extended sizing or were labelled "unisex" were of poor quality. And she wondered, “Why should anyone have to compromise to be both comfy and look good?”

Our vision is a responsible, considered and comfortable range of clothing that doesn’t leave anyone out. So while you may look exclusive in Patience Made, you are wearing an item of clothing designed to be inclusive; of all genders, sizes and people. Patience Made will focus on launching all different types of products, slowly and in a considered way, to ensure that it is filling a genuine gap in the market, whilst remaining as inclusive as possible.

"I've always felt a strong desire to see greater size inclusivity amongst emerging Australian brands. It's not just about accepting the status quo; it's about recognizing the opportunity for positive change. Nothing is impossible regarding sizing, fabric and style, so stay tuned and always expect the unexpected."

— Lucy Keig

What we value

We don’t want to change the world, we just want to make products that don’t hurt it, and that bring a little colour and comfort to anyone who wants it.


At Patience Made, we cherish inclusivity, ensuring our products are designed for people of all ages, sizes, and genders.

Comfort and Functionality

We prioritise creating products that are not only stylish but also comfortable and functional for both home and outdoor wear.

Quality Products

We are committed to products that are made to last. Choosing the right materials and ensuring quality manufacturing means less landfill and getting to hold onto the product you love for a lifetime.

Our Partners

Patience Made was named to represent patience in making. Too much of the fashion industry is rushed, with corners cut, and people and planet overlooked. We have partnered with one vendor (supplier, manufacturer) for our launch collection of robes, made ethically and responsibly in Bangladesh.

Our current and future suppliers must be special - they must have a focus on ethical business and manufacturing processes that lead to quality products. As we slowly grow and build as a brand, we will offer transparency on our supply chain and partners, hoping to make this the norm for other brands.

If you would like to know more about our current and future manufacturing or would like to partner with us for future products, please reach out.

Meet the Founder

Patience Made was founded in 2022 by Lucy Keig when she discovered a gap in the market for a size-inclusive, gender-inclusive and fun brand, after returning from Sydney after living in Los Angeles and New York for 5 years.

Lucy has a background in fashion and textile design, graduating from UTS and working in the industry for over 15 years. Experiencing the similarities and differences between large-scale retailers and niche start-ups throughout her career, Lucy’s expertise in design, size and fit are ingrained in the foundations of Patience Made.

Future Products

We have so many ideas in the pipeline, but are always open to suggestions. If you think there's something missing in the market in terms of it being fun, functional and for everyone - send us an email to and we'll add it to our vision board.